by Administrator on March 12, 2009

in Prologue

This is a story about wishes . . .

Bonwiwi and the rest of his friends live in Qesigh. Qesigh is a characterful and enchanted world located about an inch away from the Earth’s exosphere. A booger-sized planet, so tiny it can fit in any average size nosehole. A colorful utopia rich with cupcake trees, green waters, caramel-coated volcanoes, vanilla ice candies and more!

In Qesigh, there is an enchanted wishing well, called Fijowawa, that generously grants wishes of only the pure of hearts. Despite its generosity, Fijowawa grants wishes in unexpected and twisted ways – so that’s when Bonwiwi and the rest of the gang know a bucket-full of fun adventure awaits!

This is a story about wishes, about patience, about humility. It’s about having fun no matter how much time our wishes take before they come true, or even if they don’t come exactly as what we have expected them to be. So brace yourself, tie your shoes, wiggle your bumbum and raise your hand up high, because you are delightfully invited to join the Bonwiwi funtabulous Parade!

All in all, there are __ creatures on Qesigh. They will be unveiled starting in the month of April . The main website BONWIWI.COM will be launched…soon! So check back regularly, bookmark this site or hit that ‘Subscribe‘ button on top.


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