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April 2009

(5) Chochemchem

by Administrator on April 27, 2009

in The Wibblets

Chochemchem always looks lost and confused. He doesn’t have the ability to walk, jump or dance. The good news is, the banana on his head works as a compass! When any of his friends gets lost and needs directions, Chochemchem is the go-to guy. So despite his disablity, he’s able to go to a lot of different places because he’s the only one who knows how to get there.

We help each other,
To do things better.
Together for always,
We never part ways.

*Origin of the name 'Chochemchem': From Yiddish 'Chochem' which means 'very clever person'


(4) Shavatvat

by Administrator on April 17, 2009

in The Wibblets

Shavatvat always has smart ideas. His friends come to him whenever they’re confused on something. He may have a lot of ideas and solutions, he is not the easiest person to approach – he gets a little moody sometimes. However, when he’s not under the weather, he has a lot of happy stories to tell and he’s actually a very jolly and funny creature.

If you have questions,
Or any confusions.
Say ‘please’ then ‘thank you’,
To help you I’ll do.

* Origin of the name 'Shavatvat': From 'shavat shalom' (Jewish)

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(3) Fuqinqin

by Administrator on April 13, 2009

in The Wibblets

Fuqinqin has very strong arms. He’s not that big of a creature but he is known to be the strongest in Qesigh – so strong he can carry all his friends all at the same time! Fuqinqin also loves to sleep. One can catch him either carrying a heavy load or taking a nap – or sometimes even both!

My arms wide open,
They can’t be shaken.
Mighty as you think,
Top and down I link.

*Origin of the name 'Fuqinqin': From the Chinese (Beginning Mandarin) word 'Fuqin' 父亲, which means 'father'.

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Kakiki and Kukaka are twins who love to bite on anything they see. They don’t really eat but they bite like there’s no tomorrow! You may find them a little creepy at first or annoying at times, but please fear not, fret not, faint not, because their teeth are as soft as marshmallows!
Kakiki and Kukaka

We may look scary,
We’re nice don’t worry.
Teeth bright and white,
Soft plump and tight.
We just love to bite,
All things in our sight!

* Origin of the names 'Kakiki' and 'Kukaka': Unspecified


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