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June 2009

Yagoogoo and Yoogaga may look and taste yummy-licious but please be aware that they cause unwanted funny feelings in your stomach.
Yagoogoo and Yoogaga

Yes we look delicious,
But always be cautious.
Feeling of uneasy,
We bring in your tummy.

* Origin of the names 'Yagoogoo' and 'Yoogaga': Yahoo + Google (go figure)

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Pedingding plays the guitar really good. He’s sure amazing in serenading girls. On the bad side, he has the habit to postpone on doing something that he needs to do. But for some reason, he’s at his highest level when he’s pressured and when he has very little time left. Pedingding doesn’t have the sense of sight. He literally doesn’t have eyes. However, he possess the ability to sense imminent danger.

Ding-dong all day long,
Yes you do belong.
Mi amiga Mi amigo,
Let’s dance do the tango!

* Origin of the name 'Pedingding': This one is dedicated to my father.

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