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July 2009

(15) Engelgel

by Administrator on July 27, 2009

in The Wibblets

Engelgel is a very light-hearted creature. He is a trustworthy messenger. He can keep secrets. He carries out whatever a pure-hearted one commands him. When he’s extremely happy, a sweet honey-like syrup comes out of his bumbum. When he’s extremely sad, a dark bitter yucky liquid is excreted. He is also very delicate. He’s scared of spiders and runs away from smell of onions, garlics and smell of cigarettes.

Tiny chubby wings,
Sweet honey it brings.
Worthy of your trust,
Be honest you must.

* Origin of the name 'Engelgel': From the German word 'Engel', which means 'Angel'


The Gwapingping are composed of 3 identical parts. It’s quite difficult to explain. They’re 3 but 1 – or 1 but 3. They do the exact same thing, at the same exact time! In their minds, they are the best-looking, unique and special creature in qesigh.

Woozily whimsy,
We’re one but three.
Each other’s shadow,
The great wacky trio.

* Origin of the name 'Gwapingping': From the Filipino (Tagalog) word 'Gwaping', which means 'pretty boy'

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