Mrs. Openhart

by Administrator on May 6, 2010

in The Macwish & Co.

Mrs. Openhart
Super Brief Info:

Mrs. Openhart is a friendly old lady in her late 60′s. She lives by herself with a cat named ‘Captain Squeak‘. She owns a very old duplex, that looks like a castle and it’s located between two super tall buildings.

She has a huge collection of heart-shaped things. From a heart-shaped cup to a heart-shaped bath tub, and from heart-shaped heart paintings to a heart-shaped door, and more! In fact, almost everything you see in her house is heart-shaped — well except Mrs. Hartshape Openhart herself.

She lives on the second floor of the duplex, while the Macwish Family rents the first level. As Gavin and Lily Macwish go to work, Mrs. Openhart looks after their 4-year old triplets (Franky, Ronray and Woodrow) and tells them stories about Bonwiwi, the Wibblets and the magical world secretly located somewhere in the backyard. She always has stories to tell to the children, from out-of-this-world adventures to cupcake-headed creatures! She knows about all these because she claims that she has experienced them when she was the children’s age. However, she strictly warns them that they always have to be good children, in order to gain access to this delightfully fun world.

The Macwish brothers are very curious boys. They will search for this fun fantasy world themselves, and will eventually become best friends with Bonwiwi!

Fun / Weird Fact:
Mrs. Openhart celebrates her birthday every 14th of February even though it’s not her real date of birth — it’s on the 29th of February.

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