Gavin Macwish

by Administrator on May 10, 2010

in The Macwish & Co.

Gavin Macwish
Super Brief Info:

Gavin Macwish is the amusing father of Abbey, Franky, Woodrow and Ronray. He works as a magician, puppeteer, juggler and on rare occasions a street drummer. With his wife, Lily, they perform shows at various parks, amusement centers or just at any random streets. Despite his hardwork, dozens of trophies and super mad skills in juggling, he doesn’t want to become wealthy. He enjoys a simple life with his family and making other people smile.

Gavin loves to go fishing with the whole family but he has never caught any fish in his entire life. The closest to a fish he has ever caught was an empty can of sardines and a fishbowl. He brings the fishbowl every time they go fishing, as he believes that it’s a lucky charm. Another reason is that he has a container to put the fish into – just in case he catches one.

Fun / Weird Fact:
Gavin listens to Christmas songs all year long.

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Lily Macwish — Bonjour Bonwiwi!
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