Captain Squeak

by Administrator on June 7, 2010

in The Macwish & Co.

Captain Squeak - Bonwiwi
Super Brief Info:
Captain Squeak is the adorable and often confused cat of Mrs. Openhart. He confuses himself with a dog. He loves to play fetch with the Macwish boys, he can do other dog tricks as well. He tries to bark but instead he meows. He’s a big fan of any kind of cheese and a moderate to heavy (red) wine drinker. Captain Squeak enjoys playing with any kind of animals specially with mice; although he finds it hard sometimes to interact with them since he’s a cat.

The compass he wears around his neck was originally owned by the late and great husband of Mrs. Openhart. Based from her stories, her husband was a navigator, cartographer, explorer, captain and a true whiskey lover who sailed the pink and green seas. Mrs. Openhart believes that the compass has some magical powers. She gave it to Captain Squeak so he will always find his way back home.

Fun / Weird Fact:
Captain Squeak has won in a Professional Dog Trick Competition. He was disqualified shortly after because he is not a dog, as required in the Rules of Qualifications.

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