Abbey Macwish

by Administrator on June 13, 2010

in The Macwish & Co.

Abbey Macwish - Bonwiwi
Super Brief Info:
Abbey Macwish is the smart and strong-willed 14-year old daughter of Gavin and Lily Macwish, and the older sister of the triplets Ronray, Franky and Woodrow. After school, she looks after her little brothers while her parents are still at work. During this time, Abbey and her brothers go to Qesigh and play with Bonwiwi and the rest of the wibblets.

Being the oldest among her siblings, she stands as her parents’ right hand. She tries to preserve the harmony between her siblings. She makes sure that they get back home before their parents do. She also faces typical adolescent struggles. Abbey’s most distinctive trait is a star-shaped birthmark on her left cheek. Abbey keeps a special bond with nature. Just like her mother, Abbey loves flowers. She aspires to be a floriculturist, plans to build flower lily mountains and to open her own butterfly hospitals one day.

Fun / Weird Fact:
Abbey can burp her ZYX’s (ABC’s backwards).

Qesigh [ pronunciation: 'qih-zaHy' ] is the magical world of the wibblets where wishes are produced; an invisible world that is only accessible to honest, obedient and well-behaved kids. The gate to Qesigh can be found in the Macwish’s backyard. The Macwish siblings help Bonwiwi and the wibblets deliver wishes to the deserving ones. Read synopsis

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