Franky Macwish

by Administrator on June 14, 2010

in The Macwish & Co.

Franky Macwish - Bonwiwi
Super Brief Info:
Franky Macwish is the quiet, smart and one of the 4-year old triplet sons of Gavin and Lily Macwish, and the younger brother of Abbey. Franky’s most distinctive traits are probably his long messy hair and his tiny physique — he also wears his favorite monster hat all the time. He’s always being overlooked because of being the smallest of the group.

Franky is the smartest of the Macwish triplets. He was the first one who learned how to read, write and count! Franky is fond of building things. He enjoys playing building blocks and creating something cool with them. However, as much as he loves putting things together, he also likes breaking toys apart and gets very curious to see how the mechanics work.

Franky aspires to become a scientist, carpenter, architect, engineer, video game tester, cotton candy vendor and an astronaut, all at the same time. He’s already working on the blueprint of his dream amusement megapark on the moon!

Fun / Weird Fact:
Franky is a man (boy) of few words. The irony though is that everyone hears what he says whenever he tries to whisper.

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