Woodrow Macwish

by Administrator on June 14, 2010

in The Macwish & Co.

Woodrow Macwish - Bonwiwi
Super Brief Info:
Woodrow Macwish is the multi-talented and one of the 4-year old triplet sons of Gavin and Lily Macwish, and the younger brother of Abbey. Woodrow’s most distinctive trait is definitely his slightly chunky shape. He’s not the most active kid in town and pretty much the opposite of his brother Ronray. He doesn’t enjoy doing activities that require too much physical effort. Woodrow aspires to become a very famous professional cupcake taster one day. When he’s in Qesigh, he can be found hanging out with Yagoogoo and Yoogaga most of the time.

Woodrow has a very good appetite and eats almost everything his mom puts infront of him – especially chocolate vanilla cupcakes! Besides eating, he loves to sing and enjoys making up his own songs; he’s actually very good at it. He also has a remarkable talent to imitate many musical instruments with his voice. Another Woodrow’s special skill is he’s able to control his farts to be silent or really loud.

Fun / Weird Fact:
Woodrow can blow multiple bubbles with chewing gum.

Qesigh [ pronunciation: 'qih-zaHy' ] is the magical world of the wibblets where wishes are produced; an invisible world that is only accessible to honest, obedient and well-behaved kids. The gate to Qesigh can be found in the Macwish’s backyard. The Macwish siblings help Bonwiwi and the wibblets deliver wishes to the deserving ones. < Read synopsis >

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