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And The Winners Are…

by Administrator on September 21, 2011

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Montreal Comic Con 2011

by Administrator on September 18, 2011

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We would like to thank everyone who participated in the raffle at the Comic Con. You will receive an email with all the winning numbers later today. Good Luck!
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happy castle - alegre castillo


Franky Macwish - Bonwiwi
Super Brief Info:
Franky Macwish is the quiet, smart and one of the 4-year old triplet sons of Gavin and Lily Macwish, and the younger brother of Abbey. Franky’s most distinctive traits are probably his long messy hair and his tiny physique — he also wears his favorite monster hat all the time. He’s always being overlooked because of being the smallest of the group.

Franky is the smartest of the Macwish triplets. He was the first one who learned how to read, write and count! Franky is fond of building things. He enjoys playing building blocks and creating something cool with them. However, as much as he loves putting things together, he also likes breaking toys apart and gets very curious to see how the mechanics work.

Franky aspires to become a scientist, carpenter, architect, engineer, video game tester, cotton candy vendor and an astronaut, all at the same time. He’s already working on the blueprint of his dream amusement megapark on the moon!

Fun / Weird Fact:
Franky is a man (boy) of few words. The irony though is that everyone hears what he says whenever he tries to whisper.


Woodrow Macwish - Bonwiwi
Super Brief Info:
Woodrow Macwish is the multi-talented and one of the 4-year old triplet sons of Gavin and Lily Macwish, and the younger brother of Abbey. Woodrow’s most distinctive trait is definitely his slightly chunky shape. He’s not the most active kid in town and pretty much the opposite of his brother Ronray. He doesn’t enjoy doing activities that require too much physical effort. Woodrow aspires to become a very famous professional cupcake taster one day. When he’s in Qesigh, he can be found hanging out with Yagoogoo and Yoogaga most of the time.

Woodrow has a very good appetite and eats almost everything his mom puts infront of him – especially chocolate vanilla cupcakes! Besides eating, he loves to sing and enjoys making up his own songs; he’s actually very good at it. He also has a remarkable talent to imitate many musical instruments with his voice. Another Woodrow’s special skill is he’s able to control his farts to be silent or really loud.

Fun / Weird Fact:
Woodrow can blow multiple bubbles with chewing gum.

Qesigh [ pronunciation: 'qih-zaHy' ] is the magical world of the wibblets where wishes are produced; an invisible world that is only accessible to honest, obedient and well-behaved kids. The gate to Qesigh can be found in the Macwish’s backyard. The Macwish siblings help Bonwiwi and the wibblets deliver wishes to the deserving ones. < Read synopsis >


Ronray Macwish - Bonwiwi
Super Brief Info:
Ronray Macwish is one of the 4 year old triplet sons of Gavin and Lily Macwish, and the younger brother of Abbey. Just like his father, Ronray is jolly and often imitates his father’s goofy antics. Ronray likes to move a lot that it always seems like he’s in hyperactive mode all the time. Amongst the three, he is the most athletic. Ronray’s weakness is he easily gets scared (e.g. he quickly starts to run and hide when he hears something creepy and unknown to him, which usually turns out to be just Woodrow’s fart).

Ronray’s most distinctive trait is probaby his skinny physique. He also stands the tallest amongst his brothers. When he’s in Qesigh, he enjoys playing any type of ball game with the wibblets; he always wins no matter what. He aspires to be a professional basketball player and wishes to play for the New York Knicks one day.

Fun / Weird Fact:
Ronray can’t sleep without wearing his favorite orange socks on.

Qesigh [ pronunciation: 'qih-zaHy' ] is the magical world of the wibblets where wishes are produced; an invisible world that is only accessible to honest, obedient and well-behaved kids. The gate to Qesigh can be found in the Macwish’s backyard. The Macwish siblings help Bonwiwi and the wibblets deliver wishes to the deserving ones. Read synopsis


Abbey Macwish - Bonwiwi
Super Brief Info:
Abbey Macwish is the smart and strong-willed 14-year old daughter of Gavin and Lily Macwish, and the older sister of the triplets Ronray, Franky and Woodrow. After school, she looks after her little brothers while her parents are still at work. During this time, Abbey and her brothers go to Qesigh and play with Bonwiwi and the rest of the wibblets.

Being the oldest among her siblings, she stands as her parents’ right hand. She tries to preserve the harmony between her siblings. She makes sure that they get back home before their parents do. She also faces typical adolescent struggles. Abbey’s most distinctive trait is a star-shaped birthmark on her left cheek. Abbey keeps a special bond with nature. Just like her mother, Abbey loves flowers. She aspires to be a floriculturist, plans to build flower lily mountains and to open her own butterfly hospitals one day.

Fun / Weird Fact:
Abbey can burp her ZYX’s (ABC’s backwards).

Qesigh [ pronunciation: 'qih-zaHy' ] is the magical world of the wibblets where wishes are produced; an invisible world that is only accessible to honest, obedient and well-behaved kids. The gate to Qesigh can be found in the Macwish’s backyard. The Macwish siblings help Bonwiwi and the wibblets deliver wishes to the deserving ones. Read synopsis


Captain Squeak - Bonwiwi
Super Brief Info:
Captain Squeak is the adorable and often confused cat of Mrs. Openhart. He confuses himself with a dog. He loves to play fetch with the Macwish boys, he can do other dog tricks as well. He tries to bark but instead he meows. He’s a big fan of any kind of cheese and a moderate to heavy (red) wine drinker. Captain Squeak enjoys playing with any kind of animals specially with mice; although he finds it hard sometimes to interact with them since he’s a cat.

The compass he wears around his neck was originally owned by the late and great husband of Mrs. Openhart. Based from her stories, her husband was a navigator, cartographer, explorer, captain and a true whiskey lover who sailed the pink and green seas. Mrs. Openhart believes that the compass has some magical powers. She gave it to Captain Squeak so he will always find his way back home.

Fun / Weird Fact:
Captain Squeak has won in a Professional Dog Trick Competition. He was disqualified shortly after because he is not a dog, as required in the Rules of Qualifications.


Lily Macwish
Super Brief Info:
Lily Macwish is the sweet-tempered, friendly and down-to-earth mother of Abbey, Franky, Woodrow and Ronray. Lily works as an assistant to her husband Gavin. Together they do shows at various parks, amusement centers or just at any random streets as magicians, puppeteers and jugglers. Unlike her jolly, loud and goofy husband, Lily is rather gentle, mild and possesses a wonderful tender nature. Her weakness: she doesn’t get mad. When she feels down or upset, she keeps it to herself until she feels better.

Lily loves the flower lily (d’oh). In fact, she always wears one. Lily also loves to write children’s books. She has written and illustrated a dozen of books however none have made it to the public for purchase. She writes them exclusively for her children to read, and also plans to keep the books for her future grandchildren (and great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, and great-great-great-grandchildren, etc.).

Fun / Weird Fact:
Lily can play “Für Elise” on the piano with her toes.

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Gavin Macwish
Super Brief Info:

Gavin Macwish is the amusing father of Abbey, Franky, Woodrow and Ronray. He works as a magician, puppeteer, juggler and on rare occasions a street drummer. With his wife, Lily, they perform shows at various parks, amusement centers or just at any random streets. Despite his hardwork, dozens of trophies and super mad skills in juggling, he doesn’t want to become wealthy. He enjoys a simple life with his family and making other people smile.

Gavin loves to go fishing with the whole family but he has never caught any fish in his entire life. The closest to a fish he has ever caught was an empty can of sardines and a fishbowl. He brings the fishbowl every time they go fishing, as he believes that it’s a lucky charm. Another reason is that he has a container to put the fish into – just in case he catches one.

Fun / Weird Fact:
Gavin listens to Christmas songs all year long.

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Mrs. Openhart
Super Brief Info:

Mrs. Openhart is a friendly old lady in her late 60′s. She lives by herself with a cat named ‘Captain Squeak‘. She owns a very old duplex, that looks like a castle and it’s located between two super tall buildings.

She has a huge collection of heart-shaped things. From a heart-shaped cup to a heart-shaped bath tub, and from heart-shaped heart paintings to a heart-shaped door, and more! In fact, almost everything you see in her house is heart-shaped — well except Mrs. Hartshape Openhart herself.

She lives on the second floor of the duplex, while the Macwish Family rents the first level. As Gavin and Lily Macwish go to work, Mrs. Openhart looks after their 4-year old triplets (Franky, Ronray and Woodrow) and tells them stories about Bonwiwi, the Wibblets and the magical world secretly located somewhere in the backyard. She always has stories to tell to the children, from out-of-this-world adventures to cupcake-headed creatures! She knows about all these because she claims that she has experienced them when she was the children’s age. However, she strictly warns them that they always have to be good children, in order to gain access to this delightfully fun world.

The Macwish brothers are very curious boys. They will search for this fun fantasy world themselves, and will eventually become best friends with Bonwiwi!

Fun / Weird Fact:
Mrs. Openhart celebrates her birthday every 14th of February even though it’s not her real date of birth — it’s on the 29th of February.


(43) Belpupu

by Administrator on May 6, 2010

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Bonwiwi - Belpupu

Simple things are great,
For tomorrow I’ll wait,
Whatever it may bring,
I’ll see you at this swing,

Origin of the name 'Belpupu' : Unknown


Do you ever wonder why wishes take so much time before they come true?

Step into the courtyard of Mrs. Openhart’s old castle and you will be gladly received by whimsy-whoopee creatures called Wibblets! You will discover a fun-fantasy factory where wishes of good children are produced. Welcome to Qesigh — an enchanted wibbly-wobbly wish factory located in the most unexpected place and only visible to honest, obedient and well-behaved kids.

Meet Franky, Woodrow and Ronray — the 4 year old triplets who live at Mrs. Openhart’s castle. In every episode, they meet and befriend someone who happens to have a strong longing for something, whether it be a shiny new bicycle, a bag full of sweet treats, homework which needs to be done, a front tooth and more. The siblings, on behalf of that person they meet, tell that person’s wish to an enchanted wishing well. A wishing well that generously grants wishes of only the pure of hearts. Despite its generosity, the well never gives exactly for what one asks. It grants wishes in unexpected and twisted ways!

With the help of Bonwiwi, the siblings’ closest Wibblet friend, they team up to deliver the wish. Unfortunately, express delivery doesn’t exist in the wish business! Pockets full of patience and sprinkles of sunshine are required. They have to be very careful because each Wibblet has its own unique characteristics and flaws. There are responsible warm-hearted Wibblets who deliver wishes as quick as possible; as well as the not-so-responsible silly Wibblets who delay them as much as they can! The silly Wibblets try every possible way to suspend the delivery, including creating obstacles, deceiving the siblings, stealing wishes and more.

Each episode takes us to this one of a kind thrill ride and brings all the excitement, zings and zips of the maiden voyage a wish takes before it reaches its destination. Come join Bonwiwi, Franky, Woodrow, Ronray, and Captain Squeak — the cat who barks ‘meow-meow!’ — in these unique and magical adventures as they whoosh about on the wings of imagination, delivering surprises and fun!

A wish, indeed, takes time before it comes true… because sometimes it’s not what we want, or why we want it, it’s who delivers it!

*** IMPORTANT!: Please note that Bonwiwi or any of the Wibblets, although they love reindeer, are not associated with the silver-bearded man from the North Pole or with any of his pointy-eared employees. Qesigh is a completely different (and much improved) entity.


In a nutshell:
The Macwish family consists of the parents Gavin and Lily, and their four children: Franky, Woodrow, Ronray and Abbey. They rent a duplex that looks like a castle. It is owned by Mrs. Openhart, who also looks after the triplets during the day, as Gavin and Lily go to work, and as Abbey goes to school. Mrs. Openhart has a cat named Captain Squeak, who thinks he’s a dog, enjoys playing with mice and wears a compass around his neck, hence the name Captain.

Below is just an initial sketch of the Macwish Family. More info and drawings in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

macwish family

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Big but not heavy,
Soft super swashy.
I can float so high,
Gravity let’s defy!

Origin of the name 'Alibangbang' : From the Filipino word 'Alibangbang', a small yellow-winged butterfly . It's also a name of a tree with butterfly-shaped leaves.


Pee El Dee

by Administrator on February 27, 2010

in Prologue

Precious little dreamer,
I’ve never been prouder.
Welcome to your world,
Your sweet roar is heard.

Unleash the best in you,
‘time to make a breakthrough.
Everything will be okay,
Because today is your day!

Treasure in your hand,
So glowing so grand.
Hold on to it real tight.
Believe, be brave, don’t fright.

Your dream is alive,
For it you must strive.
Dare to kiss the sky,
Run, fly and soar high.

One thing you need to know,
Sometimes things go wacko.
You need to put in your mind.
Life ain’t always fair and kind.

Butterfiles and rainbows,
Are replaced by sorrows.
About twice in a blue moon,
All things just go out of tune.

Now if all these happen,
Close your eyes and listen.
Breath in,… breath out,
Let your heart shout.

Embrace the silence,
Search out for guidance.
Now get yourself going,
The first prize is waiting.

Radiant star shining within,
Burst of light sets to begin.
This is the supercharged-YOU,
Ready to make dreams come true.

My precious little dreamer,
You possess all the power.
Be who you were born to be,
Go ahead make history!

By: Albert Castillo


Godokankan - Hangbokankan - Bonwiwi

We eat up your time,
‘Til it’s past bedtime.
You’ll find us annoying,
All night we’ll be staying.

Origin of the name 'Godokankan' : From the Korean word 'Godokan', which means 'Lonely'.
Origin of the name 'Hangbokankan' : From the Korean word 'Hangbokan', which means 'Happy'.


Mekiskis and Mehughug - Bonwiwi

Young love sweet love,
All things above.
Blue untainted heart,
Be pure be smart.

Origin of the name 'Mekiskis' : From the English word 'Kiss' (duh) It reflects the personality of Mekiskis; she loves to kiss and be kissed by her 'boyfriend' Mehughug
Origin of the name 'Mehughug' : From the English word 'Hug'. It reflects the personality of Mehughug; he loves to hug and be hugged by his 'girlfriend' Mekiskis


Persis + Tence

by Administrator on February 7, 2010

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Bonwiwi - Desktop Wallpaper
[ Download Wallpaper ]

“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

Calvin Coolidge
30th president of US (1872 – 1933)


(37) Pinoynoy

by Administrator on February 6, 2010

in The Wibblets


Strawberry turtle,
Sweet little kittle.
Squiggly swivels,
Oh that tickles!

Origin of the name 'Pinoynoy' : From the word 'Pinoy' (pronounced as 'pee-noy') a demonym referring to Filipino people. Filipinos usually refer to themselves informally as 'Pinoy' or sometimes the feminine 'Pinay'.


(36) Gentaotao

by Administrator on February 4, 2010

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Gentaotao - Bonwiwi

We’re the Q-troopers,
Mighty gatekeepers.
Adventure begins here,
Be brave have no fear.

Origin of the name 'Gentaotao' : From the name of a famous and yummilicious chinese food 'General Tao Chicken', It's a sweet-and-spicy, deep-fried chicken dish that is popularly served in American and Canadian Chinese restaurants.


(35) Baguaua

by Administrator on January 26, 2010

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Around my neck they hang,
Trigrams yin and yang.
Balance and harmony,
I keep them in safety.

Origin of the name 'Baguaua' (pronounced like: 'BAG-WAWA': From the Chinese word 'Ba Gua', which literally means 'eight symbols'. Bagua are eight diagrams used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts.


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