Do you ever wonder why wishes take so much time before they come true?

Step into the courtyard of Mrs. Openhart’s old castle and you will be gladly received by whimsy-whoopee creatures called Wibblets! You will discover a fun-fantasy factory where wishes of good children are produced. Welcome to Qesigh — an enchanted wibbly-wobbly wish factory located in the most unexpected place and only visible to honest, obedient and well-behaved children.

Meet Franky, Woodrow and Ronray — the 4 year old triplets who live at Mrs. Openhart’s castle. In every episode, they meet and befriend someone who happens to have a strong longing for something, whether it be a shiny new bicycle, a bag full of sweet treats, homework which needs to be done, a front tooth and more. The siblings, on behalf of that person they meet, tell that person’s wish to an enchanted wishing well. A wishing well that generously grants wishes of only the pure of hearts. Despite its generosity, the well never gives exactly for what one asks. It grants wishes in unexpected and twisted ways!

With the help of Bonwiwi, the siblings’ closest Wibblet friend, they team up to deliver the wish. Unfortunately, express delivery doesn’t exist in the wish business! Pockets full of patience and sprinkles of sunshine are required. They have to be very careful because each Wibblet has its own unique characteristics and flaws. There are responsible warm-hearted Wibblets who deliver wishes as quick as possible; as well as the not-so-responsible silly Wibblets who delay them as much as they can! The silly Wibblets try every possible way to suspend the delivery, including creating obstacles, deceiving the siblings, stealing wishes and more.

Each episode takes us to this one of a kind thrill ride and brings all the excitement, zings and zips of the maiden voyage a wish takes before it reaches its destination. Come join Bonwiwi, Franky, Woodrow, Ronray, and Captain Squeak — the cat who barks ‘meow-meow!’ — in these unique and magical adventures as they whoosh about on the wings of imagination, delivering surprises and fun!

A wish, indeed, takes time before it comes true… because sometimes it’s not what we want, or why we want it, it’s who delivers it!

*** IMPORTANT!: Please note that Bonwiwi or any of the Wibblets, although they love reindeer, are not associated with the silver-bearded man from the North Pole or with any of his pointy-eared employees. Qesigh is a completely different (and much improved) entity.


The Concept

bonwiwi - sketchbook
Welcome To A World Where Wishes Do Come True.  (Sort of)  :P
bonwiwi - sketchbook
This is a story about wishes. The maiden voyage they take before they reach their designated destinations. The ‘never-been-told’ story that happens in between the time after we say our wishes until they come true. A story about the responsible creatures who deliver them to you as quick as possible and the not-so-responsible creatures who delay them as much as they can!

bonwiwi - sketchbook
Bonwiwi is a young orange-colored Wibblet who is never without his magical pacifier. He loves to wiggle and wobble. He’s a leader of the music band ‘Pambooras’ and uses his pacifier as a whistle. Bonwiwi has dozens of friends – each posses a unique characteristic and serves a special purpose for every wish-delivery.

bonwiwi - sketchbook
Bonwiwi and the rest of the Wibblets live in Qesigh [ 'qih-zaHy' ]. Qesigh is a characterful and enchanted world located about an inch away from the Earth’s exosphere. A booger-sized planet, so tiny it can fit in any average sized nosehole. A colorful utopia rich with cupcake trees, green waters, caramel-coated volcanoes, vanilla ice candies and more! The only way to get there is through a red wooden gate located in the courtyard of Mrs. Openhart’s old castle. Unfortunately, not everyone is welcome. Qesigh is an invisible world that is only accessible to honest, obedient and well-behaved kids.

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In Qesigh, there is an enchanted wishing well, called Fijowawa (stands for: Fun Is Just One Wish Away), that generously grants wishes of only the pure of hearts. Despite its generosity, Fijowawa grants wishes in unexpected and twisted ways – so that’s when Bonwiwi and the rest of the gang know a bucket-full o’fun adventure awaits!

bonwiwi - sketchbook
This is a story about wishes, about patience, about humility. It is about having fun, no matter how much time our wishes take before they come true, or even if they don’t come exactly as what we expect them to be. So brace yourself, tie your shoes, wiggle your bumbum and raise your hand up high, because you are delightfully invited to join the Bonwiwi funtabulous Parade!

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