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Hello. We now interrupt our regular programming to bring you a public service announcement.

Bonwiwi and friends watching nacho libre
We regret to inform you that Bonwiwi and friends have gone AWOL. Some of them were last spotted watching their favorite movie Nacho Libre at the chocolate hills, in the Philippines. For this reason, they will not be available for any media press interviews or questions. They agreed with themselves that this would be a great idea to stimulate new sources of creativity. Rest assured, they won’t grow beard and will keep taking a shower everyday.

We are intensely sensitive to the needs of our viewers and try to not interrupt the schedule any more than absolutely necessary. We will return you to your regularly scheduled program,… in a not so distant future. We will follow more on this, but for now, we leave you with a little piece of poetry. A written expression of emotion/ideas in an arrangement of words/verse most often rhythmically — also more famously known as poem :

Pee El Dee.

Precious little dreamer,
I’ve never been prouder.
Welcome to your world,
Your sweet roar is heard.

Unleash the best in you,
‘time to make a breakthrough.
Everything will be okay,
Because today is your day!

Treasure in your hand,
So glowing so grand.
Hold on to it real tight.
Believe, be brave, don’t fright.

Your dream is alive,
For it you must strive.
Dare to kiss the sky,
Run, fly and soar high.

One thing you need to know,
Sometimes things go wacko.
You need to put in your mind.
Life ain’t always fair and kind.

Butterfiles and rainbows,
Are replaced by sorrows.
About twice in a blue moon,
All things just go out of tune.

Now if all these happen,
Close your eyes and listen.
Breath in,… breath out,
Let your heart shout.

Embrace the silence,
Search out for guidance.
Now get yourself going,
The first prize is waiting.

Radiant star shining within,
Burst of light sets to begin.
This is the supercharged-you,
Ready to make dreams come true.

My precious little dreamer,
You possess all the power.
Be who you were born to be,
Go ahead make history!

By: Albert Castillo

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